About Us

KSM Online has been hard at work making sure that the School Kompanion is not only fully functional, but user friendly too. We know that not all users will have the same proficiency at using systems, so rather than complicate our interfaces (like some other vendors who try to dazzle you by confusing you), we make beautifully simple interfaces that anyone can intuitively pick up and work through. Added to this, we tailor each and every one of our systems to meet your needs, from small tweaks to all out module creation, so your School Kompanion will grow at the pace you want it to, and in line with your internal changes.

First hand experiences have been moulded into the development of the School Kompanion, and this coupled with over 10 years in the web-development industry mean we are in the best possible position to help your school achieve its true potential.

We are proud to be the trusted School Management Platform providers for over 100 educational institutions around the UK and overseas.

Advisory Board
Mustafa Erdem

Mustafa is an RIBA registered Chartered Architect and Urban Designer with many years of experience in the built environment. In his current position as the Managing Director of E&E Architects International and E&E Education, he manages an architectural office, which is specialist in education, and education consultancy company. He uses his extensive knowledge of the education sector and network to support British as well as overseas non-profit school organisations, private school chains and universities in reaching their maximum potentials.

Apart from his architectural work and work within the education investment areas, he is the Vice-President of Hounslow Chamber of Commerce and the Vice-Presidents of UK Asian Business Council, and support the UK as well as international businesses on a regional, national and international level.

Steve Pomery

Steve Pomery is the Assistant Headteacher at Vinehall School, East Sussex with responsibilities for pupil performance and development. Vinehall School is an independent prep school educating children from 2 to 13 years. They have been using SchoolKompanion since 2015 replacing their legacy MIS system.

Steve was formerly Head of Pastoral Care, Head of Maths and responsible for academic assessment & reporting prior to his current role. He has been in Education for 10 years and had a successful career in industry managing large teams and the information they require. Steve believes that the computer should do all the hard work and if the data is available it should be used productively to either create questions or create answers to improve outcomes for children.

Steve's goal is to see a simple dashboard of information that provides user relevant information allowing informed decisions to be taken in a timely manner. It should present information from the big picture down to the finest detail allowing simple transition between the two.